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Samuel R. Schutt
USS ASTORIA CA-34 Marine Detachment 1935-1937

Samuel Reno Schutt as a USMC private circa 1935, his first year aboard USS ASTORIA.
-photo courtesy of son Steve Schutt

Samuel R. Schutt served in the United States Marine Corps from 1933-1937. The majority of his service was spent aboard men-o'-war of the Pacific Fleet, beginning with battleship USS MARYLAND BB-46 followed by two years aboard ASTORIA.

Schutt kept an extensive photographic and document record of his years in the Marine Corps.
His collected images, generously shared by his family for this memorial project, help provide a rich insight into Nasty Asty's pre-war service.
-album and documents courtesy of Steve Schutt

Sam Schutt's locker aboard USS MARYLAND open for inspection in 1934. Note the sweetheart photo at upper left.
-photo courtesy of Steve Schutt

Sam Schutt was issued this "Domain of Neptunus Rex" card on 20 May 1936 as USS ASTORIA crossed the equator off the coast of South America. The card could be presented at any point in the future to prove that Schutt was a "trusty shellback," having paid his dues as a "lowly polywog."
-document courtesy of Steve Schutt

Sam Schutt (center) with Marine buddies aboard USS ASTORIA in June 1936.
-photo courtesy of Steve Schutt

Samuel R. Schutt on the forecastle of USS ASTORIA following his promotion to Private First Class in June 1937, shortly before his Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps.
-document courtesy of Steve Schutt

Schutt, Steve. Private photo and document collection.

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